Industrial gases play an essential role in Additive Manufacturing (AM) across the entire value chain – from powder production and handling, to printing, through to surface finishing the final printed part. Linde’s ongoing research into the effects of the atmosphere on AM powders and parts ensures we provide you with the best knowledge and service possible to improve your processes – through increasing efficiency, boosting productivity, raising product and material quality, or decreasing emissions.

How we can make your business more productive:

  • Gas supply solutions for metal powder inert gas atomization equipment – the right gas and the right supply scheme tailored for your specific operating conditions to ensure high-quality metal powder feedstock. Read the brochure
  • ADDvance® powder cabinet – to protect your metal powders from ambient air and humidity, e.g., discover how the ADDvance powder cabinet is helping customers in the healthcare sector to maintain quality standards and comply with regulatory requirements. Read the case study
  • ADDvance® O2 precision – a first-of-its-kind measuring and analyzing unit that guarantees the perfect mix of gases in the print chamber. Watch the video
  • ADDvance® process gases – newly-developed process gases, such as ADDvance® Sinter250, to ensure the highest-quality end product with the best mechanical properties. Download the brochure

Linde at Euro PM 2020 – on Monday 5th October, Linde’s Siegfried Bähr will be giving a presentation on recent investigations on the influence of different process gases on the microstructure and mechanical properties of final built parts, specifically on the Laser-based Powder Fusion (LPBF) of AlSi10Mg.

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